A smiling young girl wearing a red shirt holds a handmade card out to the front. The card says "Curious Jane!"

a gateway to STEM through creativity + imagination

camps, a magazine, project packs… and more!

hi families! curious jane started in 2008 as a project-based summer camp for girls. since then, we’ve added an ad-free maker magazine, project books, after-school classes, cool collaborations, and programs for *any* young maker!

it’s summer 2020, and we’re branching out again! we’re turning our treasure chest of projects into something entirely new – and, still – entirely Curious Jane. 

be safe, be well, and be happy making!

A woman and three young girls show off colorful craft projects

announcing *ca/mp*

For Summer 2020 –– Curious Jane is offering a totally new experience for all young makers out there!

CA/MP: Create Art / Make Projects
Virtual Programming + DIY Videos + Project-Packed Kits

Delivered to your door. Set in your time zone. Saved to our site for reference any time. A week of fun stuff to do + make!

For Any Child. Any Where.

Like every other CJ summer, our Virtual CA/MP Programming is creative, clever, colorful and engaging. 

Together we will Make Fun Things and Make Things Fun! 

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A handmade drawing spells out "POM," which stands for Project of the Month."

get your pom on!

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A collection of colorful handmade cards with smiley faces, ice cream cones, and handmade lettering.
A girl makes a funny face, with her lips scrunched into a small "O." She is wearing a black and white striped shirt and showing a drawing of smiley faces.
Colorful pieces of cutout felt come together to make alien-like figures.