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we are currently prepared to run our full summer camp schedule, and you can see it here.

right now, download our projects and printables in diy online, and catch us on instagram Live!

A smiling young girl wearing a red shirt holds a handmade card out to the front. The card says "Curious Jane!"


Colorful and creative, in-print and ad-free – Curious Jane Magazine is packed with DIY projects to make on your own or with friends!

summer camp

Superfun summer camp classes revolving around science + engineering + design – girls get creative and inventive in weekly sessions packed with hands-on making.

A smiling girl with short brown hair wearing a checkered yellow dress and jeans jumps into the air holding a handmade card.
A handmade drawing spells out "POM," which stands for Project of the Month."

get your pom on!

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A collection of colorful handmade cards with smiley faces, ice cream cones, and handmade lettering.
A girl makes a funny face, with her lips scrunched into a small "O." She is wearing a black and white striped shirt and showing a drawing of smiley faces.
Colorful pieces of cutout felt come together to make alien-like figures.