our mission

to build confidence through making things

Making things. Thinking with your hands. Prototyping, experimenting, inventing. Revising, trouble-shooting, problem-solving. Designing again.

what we do

We run project-based camps for girls. We publish an ad-free maker magazine and books full of activities for DIY at home. We create kits for kids and classrooms. And we collaborate with like-minded organizations to bring our projects and programming to their communities.

our projects

The heart of Curious Jane is our projects, all revolving around science + engineering + design. CJ projects are creative, colorful and FUN! They provide an easy, engaging on-ramp to making things so that girls can jump right in, try something out, and learn something new!

our culture

From camp classroom to Brooklyn headquarters, the culture of Curious Jane is rooted in collaboration, creative problem solving, a desire to empower girls, continual improvement and personal accountability. Our community is super supportive and a little bit silly. We remove fear of failure. We try and try again.


bring camp to your city!

If you are interested in having Curious Jane come to your area, drop us a line! We have run our programs in cities outside of NYC and are open to new locations!

licensing & collaborations

If you are interested in potentially licensing our content (fun, hands-on projects) and operating systems to launch one of our programs on your own, let us know. There may be a variety of ways we could work together to spread the CJ experience!

work at curious jane camp!

We attract talented, exceptional young women to lead our programs. Think you might be a good fit?