our mission

our mission

to build confidence through making things

Making things. Thinking with your hands. Prototyping, experimenting, inventing. Revising, trouble-shooting, problem-solving. Designing again.

what we do

We run project-based camps for girls. We publish an ad-free maker magazine. And we collaborate with like-minded organizations to bring our projects and programming to their communities.

our projects

The heart of Curious Jane is our projects, all revolving around science + engineering + design. CJ projects are creative, colorful and FUN! They provide an easy, engaging on-ramp to making things so that girls can jump right in, try something out, and learn something new! 

our founder (hi!)

our founder


Samantha Razook is the founder and CEO of Curious Jane. She earned her BA from Yale and her Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt. She is the mother of two girls (now in college – wow!) and lives in Brooklyn, NY plus any other place she may land.

Experimenting, collaborating, tinkering and supporting girls in building confidence through *making* things all come from a personal place. She would have *loved* Curious Jane when she was a girl.

more of the story

our story

more of the story

Samantha Razook founded the company in 2009 to give her daughters, and all girls, a place to be creative and inventive in a fun, high-energy environment. Curious Jane started as a camp, and has grown into an educational content company for girls. Over the years, we have added after-school classes, workshops, projects books and our quarterly magazine. We use our treasure troves of DIY projects to serve our own offerings (like camp and the magazine) as well as to work with like-minded organizations, like SmartGirls, Sterling Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Confidence Code for Girls and other for- and non-profits alike. 

super quick timeline

In 2009, Curious Jane ran their first summer camps in Brooklyn, NY. To date, camps have served over 10,000 girls in NYC and across the country. 

In 2014, Curious Jane was recognized by Chase for its social impact, and was awarded $250k to grow the business.

In 2015, the company launched Curious Jane Magazine, an in-print, ad-free maker magazine, with both a subscriber base and newsstand presence.

In 2020, the magazine paused, camps went online, and Curious Jane continued to bring hands-on creativity to boys and girls through project-packed kits.

Today, Curious Jane runs camps, classes, and workshops year-round; publishes a quarterly, ad-free magazine; and collaborates with like-minded organizations to share their content with new audiences.

curious jane magazine is back!