our instructor positions at curious jane camp

Instructors have knowledge of and passion for their subject, teaching experience in a school or specialty program setting, and a college or master’s level degree. They lead the class and counselors are there to assist. For our CJ Junior classes, we also often have CITs (counselors-in-training) help out in the classroom as well.

Class size is generally 6 to 12 girls, and each class focuses on a particular ‘theme’ — for example, if an instructor teaches Kitchen Chemistry, she will work with the same group of girls over the course of the week, leading a super fun, project-packed week of activities that build on each other. Girls spend about 4 hours of each day in their class theme, and have breaks for outdoor play, lunch and snacks.

Dates vary by location, and we do give preference to instructors who can commit to the full run of camp at their location (ranging from 2 to 6 weeks).

UPDATE 3/31: Brooklyn Locations are currently FULL. You are welcome to apply and we will consider your application if an opening becomes available.

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about us

We run project-based summer camps for girls ages 6 to 11. We build confidence through making things, and all our projects revolve around science + engineering + design.

Our sunny workspace is in Gowanus, Brooklyn,  and in the summer, we run our camps at host schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Denver (and more to come). 

The culture of Curious Jane is rooted in collaboration, creative problem solving, a desire to empower girls, continual improvement and personal accountability. And the heart of Curious Jane is our projects, they reflect all of these things, rolled up with our personality and a good dose of fun!

Curious Jane was founded in 2009 by Samantha to give her daughters, and all girls, a place to be creative and inventive in a fun, high-energy environment. It started as a camp, and has grown into so much more, but camp is still where it all stems from.

how camp works

  • Girls attend for one or more weeks, and choose their favorite theme (or class) per week
  • CJ Junior classes are for girls ages 5 to 7, and CJ classes are for girls ages 8 to 11
  • In each class, we have a Lead Instructor, a Counselor or Jr Counselor, and sometimes a CIT
  • The camp day runs 8:45am – 3:30pm, and the staff commitment is 8:15am – 4:15pm
  • Each day is full and active! You can see a sample daily schedule on our website for more details
  • Find the best location for you and check out the cool classes offered at each location!

on-site staff structure

We build staff teams to work at each location. The On-Site Director leads the staff and oversees all aspects of the camp. Instructors teach a specific class (or classes). Counselors and Jr. Counselors assist in the classroom with the Instructors. Volunteers and CITs help as needed.

Our small group here at CJ HQ conducts the interviews and hires the staff team for each location. Once summer starts, the On-Site Director becomes the leader and point-person for each staff team.

training & time commitment at camp

  • Attend a one-hour Zoom (online) CJ Brand training – dates and times TBD.
  • Two full days of on-site training, classroom set-up and project preparation (compensated).
  • Daily camp hours of 8:15am – 4:15pm, Monday – Friday (plus a little flexibility… it’s camp!)

instructor responsibilities & expectations

  • Lead a class size of 8 to 12 girls, with the assistance of a Counselor or CIT, for a full day program
  • Be fully familiar with the CJ curriculum prior to camp, and prepare examples of all projects
  • Work with the rest of the staff to create and build a supportive and fun environment for the girls
  • Key Skills – punctuality, preparedness, classroom management, creativity, energy, and fun!

Curious Jane provides all curriculum a month prior to camp, and we provide all the supplies for these project plans *however* the invitation and expectation is that instructors bring their own ideas, interests and experiences to the class. Curious Jane is great because of the staff! Young girls have a chance to be around smart, engaged women who share their interests, encourage them, and show them
new things.

qualifications & compensation

  • College degree or higher
  • Experience teaching and working with children; in a school, camp or other educational setting
  • Experience in the project-area or subject-area that you will be instructing for us
  • Strong communication skills and openness to collaboration at all levels
  • $700 – $850 per week, based on previous years with Curious Jane, and previous teaching experience.

more of the story

 We’re a small group, based in Brooklyn, full of color, and passionate about what we do!

ready to apply?

We attract talented, exceptional young women to lead our programs. Think you might be a good fit?