become a c.i.t. at curious jane!

for middle school students

Our counselor-in-training program is open to girls entering 7th–9th grades. It is a great opportunity for middle school students to help campers, to learn from each other, and to contribute and grow as part of a strong group.

Though CITs have been part of Curious Jane Camp since (almost!) the beginning, the program has changed and improved over time, becoming its best iteration as CIT Studio.

Through the CIT Studio program, middle school participants can sign up for one or two weeks at the location of their choice. CITs meet as a group during the first half of the day – for training, discussion, project-making, and project-planning. During the second half of the day – CITs work in pairs directly with camper groups. Each pair of CITs works with the same camper group over the course of the week. They assist the instructor, help the campers, and lead activities they have designed and developed themselves. 

This is a fee-based program; there are no applications required, and spots fill quickly. 

You can read more about the program here, and we hope you will join us!

are you a rising 10th–12th grader?

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what you will gain


CITs are responsible for assisting our camp staff in fun, active camp projects

leadership skills

You’ll receive training and guidance, and you will be a mentor to young girls in a supportive environment


Our CIT program is a great opportunity to gain experience for future work and volunteering

all-female group

A chance to engage with an all-female group in a collaborative environment

what is expected


CITs have real responsibilities. We expect you to take the commitment seriously. 


CITs are expected to be fully engaged with the camp group. In the camper activities, Instructors and campers are looking to you for support, creativity and fun! In the CIT sessions, peers are looking to you for your participation and contribution to the group. 

openness to learning

The CIT experience is a learning and growing one! The camp staff is there to support you in that.

dates and locations

Our CIT Studio program takes place at each camp location. The CIT group is limited to 12 per week.

c.i.t. studio

Our CIT Studio is a 3 part program of project-making, leadership and skills training, and camper engagement.