NOTE! these are our original Summer 2020 CIT details for your reference. due to COVID19, we have moved fully to Virtual CA/MP. the CIT application process is closed, and we are in touch with families directly about new CIT programming for Virtual CA/MP.

become a cit at curious jane camp!

cit program overview

Our counselor-in-training program is open to girls entering 7th–9th grades. It is a great opportunity for girls to help younger students and to contribute and grow as part of a strong group.

In fact, I started with CJ as a CIT myself (9 years ago!) and I’m delighted the CIT program has become such a strong part of the Curious Jane experience!

This summer, we are increasing our expectations and structure of the CIT program, for the benefit of the girls who join it. Please read below for more information, and please keep in mind that returning CITs must also apply again each year.  

Very Sincerely,

are you a rising 10th grade student?

Learn more about our Volunteer Position here!

what you will gain


CITs are responsible for assisting our camp staff in fun, active camp projects

leadership skills

you’ll be a mentor to young girls in a supportive environment


Our CIT program is a great opportunity to gain experience for future work and volunteering

all-female group

A chance to engage with an all-female group in a collaborative environment

what is expected


CITs have real responsibilities. We expect you to take the commitment seriously. 


CITs are expected to be fully engaged with the camp group. There are specific times for breaks and cell phone use, however, CITs are to keep their phones stored away during all camp activities.


CITs are at the program from 8:30am–3:45pm. They have responsibilities like greeting girls in the morning, helping girls with their projects in class, setting up snacks, etc, and being supportive and enthusiastic members of the group!

openness to learning

The CIT experience is a learning and growing one! The camp staff is there to support you in that.

one day training

CITs are invited to attend one day of training at our Gowanus workspace. More details are available here. 

ready to apply?

Middle school girls may apply to be a CIT, or Counselor-In-Training. Most CIT sessions are two weeks long; we have a few one-week CIT sessions. We place one CIT per classroom who helps alongside the instructor and counselor.

We have limited spots, and there is a small application process. Program fees are $300 per week for Manhattan and Brooklyn and $200 per week for San Francisco, Berkeley and Denver. 

program dates and locations

Browse our program dates and locations to find which one is best for you.

apply now!

We are committed to making this a growing experience, from start to finish. Start your application today!

are you a rising 10th-12th grade student?

Rising 10th graders may apply as a volunteer. Rising 11th–12th graders may apply as Junior Counselors.