covid safety at camp 

our pact for health

Curious Jane is prepared to open camp this summer with strict guidelines and requirements in place to keep our campers, our staff and our community safe. Thank you for participating with us in keeping your children and our communities safe annd healthy.

update june 24, 2021

Dear Curious Jane Families –– all campers are required to provide a negative COVID test result within 4 days prior to their first day of camp with us.

As school has ended, and families may be traveling and / or children are attending other camps prior to attending Curious Jane, we want to make sure that all incoming campers test nnegative for COVID prior to joining our CJ camp and class pods. Parents can provide the date and negative test result via the MyMedBot app that we use for daily health screenings.

Campers who are attending consecutive weeks with us do not need to be tested each week – they just need to provide the negative test resutlt before their first week.

CITs who have been vaccinated do not need to provide a negative test result, as long as they receive a “green pass” on their daily health screening.

Thank you!

update may 30, 2021

Dear Curious Jane Families –– we monitor the risks of COVID in our geographic areas daily. We also review CDC guidelines as well as local State and City guidelines daily, and follow the protocols of the strictest set. Below are our guidelines as of May 30, 2021. If, and as, things change in either directions – we will revise and update accordingly.

daily health + safety

  • On-site staff are vaccinated.
  • Campers and staff complete daily health screenings via MyMedBot app before arrival at camp each day. Cleared screening is required for attendance, and temperature readings are taken as necessary.
  • Masks are required by all campers and staff while inside.
  • Camp groups operate as pods.
  • Groups are limited in size to ensure proper spacing in all indoor spaces. 

classroom spaces + pod structure

  • While inside, all groups remain “podded” by class.
  • Hand sanitizer and clorox wipes are supplied in all classrooms; masks and gloves are available for any students and staff as needed.
  • Each classroom may designate a “mask-off” zone, at a proper distance, for a single person to do any activity that requires removal of mask (change your mask, blow your nose, have a sip of water, etc). Time in the mask-off zone is limited.
  • Daily schedule is arranged so that use of common and outdoor spaces is staggered by pod.
  • Each camper works at her same, designated workspace each day, and works from her own bin of supplies.
  • Common supplies are limited. Staff distribute individual project supplies as needed.
  • Classrooms are well-ventilated and groups go outside during the day.
  • Classrooms are cleaned daily, and all work-stations and supplies are wiped-down.


  • Pods can mix while masked outdoors. 
  • All lunches and snacks will be eaten in outdoor spaces, otherwise, students will be required to stay in their masks.
  • Use of outdoor spaces is also staggered to limit group size.

host location specifications

  • In addition to our own COVID safety protocols, Curious Jane adheres to all site-specific building requirements including, but not limited to, staggered scheduling for arrivals and dismissal, classroom ventilation, and building health and safety guidelines.

in the event of reported close-contact or positive case

  • Campers and staff must show a “clear” health screening badge each day upon arrival. Anyone who is not “all-clear” may not come to camp.
  • Any staff member or camper who shows signs of fever or illness at camp (for any reason) is asked to go home, and – if any symptoms persist as associated with COVID – provide a negative COVID test result before returning to camp.
  • Any camper or staff who has come into contact with a person testing positive for COVID must report this to the camp, and must quarantine appropriately and provide a negative test result before returning. Pod members will be notified.
  • In the event of a positive COVID case reported by a staff member or camper, this person may not return to camp until a negative result is provided. All members of the pod will be contacted immediately, and must provide a negative test result before returning. The main office will contact essential state and city health agencies.