Samantha and her daughters. Constraints and challenges can lead to unexpected creativity, and we are hopeful about what CJ can accomplish. We are not all in the same boat, but we are definitely in the same storm. We wish you and your family the very best.

camp updates and changes due to covid


Curious Jane will not be running in-person programs this summer. While it is a hard decision, it is also a very simple one –– the health and safety of our communities come first. Our host venues are also aligned, and have closed for the summer. We are committed to our families and have been working hard to re-design a CJ Experience for you. 

We *are* launching CA/MP. Create Art / Make Projects.

Of course CA/MP is not the same as the camps we have known and loved – truly, nothing is the same these days. And at the same time, we are ready to deliver this *new* Curious Jane to your home – or wherever you may be – with three key components, and at a much lower price:

1// Kits – a big box of supplies shipped to your door, plus all the how-to’s printed out in one package.
2// Online Programming – specially designed Zoom-based programming with story-lines, scavenger hunts, show-and-tells, and of course, lots of project making. 
3// DIY Videos – a little library of DIYs so your children can reference them any time.

You can find a full overview of CA/MP here, along with answers to questions about class themes, previous deposits and current pricing.

At the bottom of the FAQs page is also a longer letter from our founder.


What will happen this summer? We hope and plan to bring CJ to you through the camp experience we know and love. But the only thing we know now is that summer is currently unknown. The top priority is the safety of our communities. We have our eyes on the health and regulatory guidelines daily, and are confident we will make the best decision with the information at hand.  

As such, we are preparing for a variety of outcomes. We will deliver Curious Jane camps in-person if allowed, and we will adapt to other situations if required. Health and safety are first, always. Next order of business? Making Fun Things and Making Things Fun!

No matter where or how it takes place – the CJ Experience will remain creative, clever, colorful, engaging, and project-packed. We are committed to you. 

Please know: we will not process any charges or balances until the options firm up, and you have had a chance to respond with your decisions. 

Please also know: the camp industry has been deeply impacted, and we certainly feel it in our small group too. I’m proud of my team for their flexibility and for what they are creating amidst the uncertainty. 

While we don’t have a specific answer as to *camp* right now, we *definitely* have plans. Closer to the summer weeks, the environment at-hand will be the arbiter, and we will be here to provide a super cool CJ experience that suits the scenario best. 


First and foremost (and always), we hope that you and your family are well. 

We hope to run camp this summer, as we know it and love it, but cannot count on it today.

Though we have no idea what the summer months will bring, we have enough information to share that – in the event that in-person camp is not possible – Curious Jane will be delivering our camp modules online. We will also offer stand-alone project packs and video DIYs for making cool stuff at home.

As a small business, Curious Jane is deeply impacted by COVID-19. We are working diligently to design the right CJ experience for your children. And, in many ways, we are excited about this new challenge! Significant constraints can lead to significant creativity.

We are actively preparing for *both* the opportunity of in-person camp *and* online modules (with shipped supplies) that bring our projects to you, in your home.

what this means right now

If you are currently registered with us:

1// Your registration will be applied to either in-person (if possible) or online camp. Digital modules will include supplies, videos and real-time participation and will have a lower price point.

2// You also have the option to take a credit for a future summer if you prefer; however, we cannot extend refunds on deposits, as we are prepared to deliver the CJ experience in whatever way the summer environment requires. 

3// You do not have to make a decision right now. You have until June 1st (or longer) and we will keep you updated.

Whether you are already registered with us, or not:

4// We will be announcing our online class line-up, as well as stand-alone project packs, in early May. The stand-alone packs are great for after-school projects and self-paced project-making,

5// We will be re-opening camp registration for families in NYC, or anywhere, who have not yet registered, as the project-packs and online modules are a chance for anyone, anywhere, to participate.

We are committed to designing a Curious Jane experience for your child – if even in a new shape – and will continue to be in touch about the details and options for the June, July and August months. We will post updates here, as well as email registered families.

Thank you very much for being part of the Curious Jane Community.


Samantha Razook

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