our fave supplies!

our fave supplies!

Scroll through our maker chest of top DIY supplies. We’ve included Amazon links for each one, so you can easily find your faves!

We hope this also serves as a useful, visual guide to the simple tools you may not have lying around at home.

curious jane magazine for year-round diy!

Kick the winter blues with a pop of color on your shoes! 💙🌈 ...

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A fresh set of markers and a just-sharpened pencil are two of the simplest pleasures at any age – and they never tire. 💙

What's your crafting must-have? 👇

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How To: Salad Spinner Art 🌟🥗🎨
One of the original CJ girls, Livvy Grace, created this project and we are sharing in celebration of her 19th birthday today -- 🎊 Happy Birthday LG!
👉 Check out the how-to video by Livvy and Luke in our bio! 👉

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