2-minute how-tos

2-minute how-tos

fun themes + project variations

Hi there, and thanks for coming! Check out some classic CJ projects from an all-star line-up: Alia, Cat and Eleanor. We hope you’re *INSPIRED* to try some cool, creative projects of your own 🙂

Hidden Gem!

Scroll to the end to glimpse the O.G. CJ Video team in action – Luke + Livvy – with their super silly take on Salad Spinner Art.

design studio

backpack charms with alia

fortune cookies with eleanor

patchy pouches with cat

secret codes

morse code beading with alia

decoder glasses with eleanor

magic 8 ball with alia

light it up

star maps with eleanor

light-up cards with alia

light-up twirly coptor with cat

mini world

teeny things with eleanor

tiny teepees with cat

peg people with alia

toy design

drawbot with alia

kaleidoscope with alia

jacob’s ladder with alia

game time

go fish with cat

popsicle matching with eleanor

roll-a-monster with alia

clever concepts

mini foosball with alia

light-up wands with lucy

glowing jellyfish with alia

oldies but goodies

mini poster prints

diy t-shirt scarves

salad spinner spin-art

want awesome DIY, delivered to your door?