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red hook workshops

a salon series for women, held on sunday afternoons

host: samantha razook

Over the past year, I have truly enjoyed meeting women in the Curious Jane community and beyond, who have so many exceptional skills to offer and incredible expertise to share.

In this first series of the Red Hook Workshops, six women will present, monthly, on a wonderfully wide range of topics. The workshops are always held on a Sunday afternoon, 1-3pm, in my sunny space overlooking the water and Lady Liberty herself. 

After 17 years of growing Curious Jane, I am excited and honored to open my home to all of you, and the intelligence and fun that will take place within!

Each workshop is donation-based, for the presenter’s choice of charity, and each ticket extends to you and a friend! The workshops are smart and casual, and sips and snacks are always served.

sunday, july 21, 1 to 3pm

feng shui for the home

unlocking harmony: Your First Encounter with Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki

megan gilbride

Embark on a transformative journey as we introduce you to the ancient arts of Feng Shui for your home and life.

about this workshop

Embark on a transformative journey as we introduce you to the ancient arts of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, offering invaluable insights into creating harmony in your space and life.

In this engaging workshop, we’ll take you through the fundamentals of Feng Shui by exploring different tools and cures. We invite you to send in your floor plan so we can go over live examples! Whether you’re a newcomer or have dabbled in Feng Shui before, our mini-consults during the workshop provide a personalized introduction to this ancient practice, tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

But the exploration doesn’t end there. Dive deeper into the synergies of energy alignment with our 1:1 mini-sessions, where you’ll discover the profound wisdom of Nine Star Ki. By simply providing your birthday, unlock a deeper understanding of your personal energy dynamics and how they shape your life’s journey.

Ticket proceeds are donated to Bad Ass Animal Rescue

why it's important

For many, this workshop marks their first encounter with the transformative power of Feng Shui. In a world filled with hustle and bustle, finding balance and harmony can feel like an elusive dream. By introducing you to the principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, we empower you to take control of your environment and destiny. Whether you seek clarity in career decisions, improvements in relationships, or a boost in overall vitality, this workshop equips you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Reserve your spot today and take your first step towards a life filled with harmony and abundance!

meet megan

Megan is a seasoned consultant who seamlessly blends modern insights with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to illuminate pathways for her clients. With over a decade of experience in corporate HR, she brings a unique blend of empathy and intuition, guiding individuals to clarity and ease in their lives. If you’re ready to embrace change through the transformative power of Feng Shui, Megan invites you to connect and embark on this journey together!


Instagram: @nineredenvelopes

sunday, aug 11, 1 to 3pm

writing & storytelling

friends, foes & what we ate

carly ann filbin

A Written in Brooklyn journaling workshop to craft storytelling skills for personal connection.

about this workshop

A Written in Brooklyn journaling workshop is a place to show up solo and leave feeling connected to yourself and others. Our space is a welcoming one, a place where writing is easy and conversation flows. 

Friends, Foes and What We Ate is a guided journaling workshop designed to articulate feelings and validate life experiences. We’ll write about people we love, and people we love to hate. With memory-activating prompts we’ll dig through dirt, unearth memories, and plant seeds for bigger projects. 

Bring a blank journal and an open mind!

Ticket proceeds are donated to Girls Write Now.

why it's important

Writing and storytelling are critical skills for any occasion – personal, social or professional.

Journaling is much more than just writing down thoughts. With proper guidance, it can be a tool to uncover memories and improve well-being. Time and time again, journaling is credited with improving one’s mental and physical health. Also, it’s fun. Like, really fun.

meet carly ann

Carly Ann Filbin is a multifaceted entertainer, celebrated comedian, storyteller, and the visionary force behind Written in Brooklyn. With a degree in Directing from Marymount Manhattan College, Carly brings a wealth of expertise to the art of crafting compelling stories, refining intuition, and bringing visions to life.Her debut solo show, Validate Me, enjoyed a sold-out run at The People’s Improv Theatre and garnered acclaim at the Cincinnati Fringe. This Doesn’t Mean I’m Your Boyfriend, her second solo venture, made its mark at the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade before securing a summer residency at Carnegie Stage.

Carly’s most recent solo production, Coke Ass, premiered at Upright Citizens Brigade and concluded its successful run at Caveat Theatre.Carly has toured the country with her captivating show, Let Me Break You Up: an Anti-Dating Game Show, and the humorous storytelling escapade Awkward Sex…and the City. She regularly graces stages with her original material, and you can catch her, along with other exceptional storytellers, at The Arlo Williamsburg for The Written in Brooklyn Storytelling Series.


Instagram: @writteninbrooklyn

sunday, aug 18, 1 to 3pm

mindfulness for the family

ways of being: mindfulness practices for the whole family

stefanie tocco pilkington

Mindfulness-based practices for the family, to bolster self-awareness, resilience and connection.

about this workshop

Blending the science and contemplative wisdom of navigating human emotion, consciousness and behavior change, this workshop offers an understanding of the human condition including the neuroscience of stress and resilience, and emotional intelligence, and ways to apply concrete mindfulness-based practices to show up, adapt and respond to life better. The workshop is secular, inclusive and universal.

Ticket proceeds are donated to Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA).

why it's important

This work is critical for all of us, and especially parents and caregivers, as it sparks personal (and profound) shifts at the individual level; contributing to our collective community resiliency and impacting how our next generation embodies their own Ways of Being and show up in the world. 

meet stefanie

Stefanie is an educator, facilitator, creator, mother, and chang-emaker. She holds a BA and MA in International Relations from The George Washington University, a certification from MIT‘s Presencing Institute, U-School for Transformation, and certifications in multiple conscious leadership and human development modalities. Intersecting her experience in conscious leadership education, mental and emotional wellness and systems change, she is committed to making inner skills our most important skills.

Stefanie designs and leads training and programs, and has also published the Ways of Being Activity cards and founded a Community of Practice for mothers. She finds rhythm and flow through running, yoga and travel and is most grateful for her kids, who bring her grounding and light.


sunday, sept 22, 1 to 3pm

financial health

money mavens: financial wellness for women

irene chow

How we can cultivate a comfort with financial matters and make our money work as hard as we do.

about this workshop

Finance is undoubtedly one of the top causes of stress in life and in relationships. Countless studies have concluded that women and men have different attitudes and relationships with money. But different shouldn’t translate to bad or inferior.

Women are simply faced with different facts (e.g., we are more likely to take more career breaks to care for children and other family members and are expected to live longer than men) and tendencies (e.g., we are better multi-taskers and suffer the imposter syndrome more than men).

In this workshop, we will dive into some of these differences, explore how and why they often keep us on the sidelines when it comes to investing and financial wellness, and discuss some ways we can take advantage of these differences in order to make our money work as hard as we do.

why it's important

Finances can be a great sort of stress for us as individuals, and in relationships. Being comfortable with assessing and planning for the key parts of our financial lives is a critical skill. Clarity helps remove fear and intimidation around assessing financial matters.

meet irene

Irene is the Founder & CEO of Litmus Financial, a financial wellness company that is out to make financial education accessible and fun.

Before establishing Litmus, Irene spent over 10 years of her career at financial services and investment management firms in New York, Hong Kong, and London, focusing on creating financial products, fundraising, marketing, and investor relations. More recently, she has served as a senior marketing leader at fintech start-ups, such as AlphaSense, the FedNow team at the Federal Reserve, Burgiss, and Syntax Data, to develop and scale go-to-market programs from
the ground up.

Irene received her dual B.A. in Political Economy and French from Georgetown University.

IG: @litmusfinanical
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ichow

sunday, oct 20, 1 to 3pm

intimate relationships

connected and protected: healthy boundaries for happier relationships

doris fullgrabe

How-to set healthy boundaries and constructive communication with those who know us best.

about this workshop

Whether it’s your significant other or a family member (holiday gatherings coming up, anyone?), those who know us the best push our buttons the hardest. What if you could stay calm next time, and respond from your favorite self, instead of playing out the same-old patterns?

This will be a hands-on workshop where we’ll go through 5 exercises to practice setting healthy boundaries. There’s time for chats, journaling in the handout, deep breaths, and more!

Ticket proceeds are donated to the Crisis Text Line

why it's important

This work is critical for all of us, and especially parents and caregivers, as it sparks personal (and profound) shifts at the individual level; contributing to our collective community resiliency and impacting how our next generation embodies their own Ways of Being and show up in the world. 

meet doris

Doris is a relationship coach with a Masters in Applied Psychology, and it is her absolute joy to support those who want to intentionally create the kind of romantic relationships that work for them – especially if that means coloring outside the usual boxed lines.

Her research into the stigma and resilience in consensual non-monogamous relationships was published in a peer-reviewed journal, and you can read more about her work here: www.dorisfullgrabe.com.

Donations for this workshop go to Crisis Text Line.

sunday, nov 17, 1 to 3pm

will & legacy planning

critical legal frameworks for family support

yana feldman

Clarify your goals so that they are carried out during your lifetime and beyond.

about this workshop

Your legacy is more than a list of assets. Your achievements for your family and your community can have a lasting benefit to future generations. With careful planning, you can ensure that your goals for the future are carried out during your lifetime and beyond.

Learn how to set this in motion.

why it's important

Planning for end-of-life health and finances is critical – whether we are young or old, and especially if we are parents. What seams daunting and unapproachable is actually a very clear series of steps to keep you and your family on a legally strong foundation to support your choices and wishes.

meet yana

Yana Feldman is the principal of New York Legacy Lawyers, located in New York City. Her practice focuses on holistic, client-centered planning with an emphasis on ensuring her clients’ dignity and independence as they age, as well as working with clients to create not only a financial legacy, but also one of personal values and non-monetary assets.

Her goals include educating various communities on the importance of estate planning and elder law planning, including immigrant communities, as well as creating a modern law firm to help clients accomplish working with their attorney on their own terms.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 1999 at the University of Chicago, she graduated from Tulane Law School in New Orleans in 2002 and then returned to her adopted hometown of New York.

Besides practicing law, Yana is active in the community, having served as Legal Director of The Veneration Project, focused on building stable inter-generational communities by helping older adults and their families navigate the practical aspects of aging, and as a volunteer attorney with the Safe Passages program, assisting child asylum seekers. She is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the JCC of Brooklyn/Kings Bay Y, where she focuses on establishing a planned giving program for the agency.