summer 2024 curriculum

Hello Instructors! Get ready to bring the fun to camp!
Find your class icon below to download a PDF of the curriculum. These will also be provided in printed form with your classroom supplies. Feel free to think about how YOU might love to bring these projects to your campers – and let the creative brainstorming begin!

intro … need to know… (for everyone!)

schedule, goals & tips

classes for K-1 (the little juniors and Itty Bitties)

creative creatures

magic & mystery

ooey gooey science

sea & stars

classes for grades 2-3 (the older juniors)

roller coasters & rides

classes for grades 2-3 and 4-6 (cj central)

spa science

kitchen chemistry

room makeover

miniature world

make it wear it

classes for grades 4-6 (our capstone campers)

spy science

story project: comics

toy design

… and c.i.t. studio for grades 7-9 

c.i.t. studio