light it up!

Thank you for joining us to Make Fun Stuff and Make Stuff Fun! Your project kit is packed with the supplies to make 4 different projects that… yep!… LIGHT UP!

We use accessible materials (nothing will shock you!) in new and creative ways. You don’t always need sophisticated tools to make something really cool. Here, for example, we use aluminum foil as a conductive element in a classic game of Operation, and LEDs + paper + copper tape to create light-up cards any time.

The key? Trouble-shooting! We’ve made each project at least ten times and figured out the kinks along the way. It’s thinking with your hands. If something isn’t working, you can re-trace your steps and refer to these videos to give you a boost.

And if you want to share what you made with us, we’d love to see it! Email us at hello@curiousjane.fun.

Be Happy Making!

Light Up LED Cards, with alia

light up star maps, with eleanor

light up twirly copter, with cat