mindfulness modules

We have compiled a little library of resources to help our staff help our campers! We are excited to share these with you. Please dip into the short videos, and use the mindfulness activities with your gorup.

video resources

toolkit flip book

introduction video

emotional awareness (self)


tool 1: tracking & naming

tool 2: elder wiser self

tool 3: creating your personal team

tool 4: internal vocalizing

leading (others)

tool 5: leading by being

tool 6: conscious dialouge

managing (time, behavior, attention)


tool 7: time and tasking

tool 8: distraction & stimuli

tool 9: staying power

tool 10: mind circuit training

navigating change


tool 14: resourcing for resilience

navigating change

tool 15: stuck activity

simple breathing exercises

box breathing

rainbow breathing

five finger breathing

to print

praises & phrases handout

mindful art handout

mindfulness lessons & activities

full kit – PDF (12 lessons)

emotional awareness

lesson 1

lesson 1

lesson 2

lesson 3

lesson 4

lesson 5

lesson 6

leading (great for cit’s)

lesson 7

lesson 8

lesson 9

navigating change

lesson 10

lesson 11

lesson 12