welcome to spy science!

Thank you for joining us to Make Fun Things and Make Things Fun!

Super sleuths learn the science behind everything SPY in a clever mix of fun projects that use chemistry, physics and biology. Over the course of the week, you will make cool projects, conduct experiments and search for clues — then use your findings to create a case file, collect clues and solve a mystery. Solving the “whodunnit” is the best way to end the week! See if you can crack the case!

Your project kit is packed with all the supplies you need to make your projects! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Ready, Set… Make!

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these are the same as the ones included in your maker kits

how-to videos
reference these short videos any time! great for a little extra explanation or inspiration! 

Spy Science Morse Code,
with alia

Spy Science Decoder Glasses,
with eleanor

Spy Science Cypher disc,
with cat

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