Curious Jane started as a summer camp for girls, and the magazine sprung from all the projects we created for camp. The magazine lets us share our DIY with anyone, any time, any where!

We make it – top to bottom – in our Brooklyn workspace. 

In 2020, we paused. And in 2022… we’re coming back! The *new* Curious Jane Magazine has a fresh look, new content, and all sorts of awesome DIYs. Below, you can browse our 6 years of back issues, for free!

Check them out, and look for a Curious Jane Magazine with a major makeover this November!

Curious Jane magazine 2015 through 2020

each issue opens in a new tab. flip through or download and share!


make and give – special issue
Kitchen Chemistry –  Fall 2020
spa science – summer 2020


eco issue – spring 2020



happy holididys – winter 2019
Party pop – fall 2019
zine scene – summer 2019
inspiration issue – spring 2019


top ten – fall 2018
print making – summer 2018
game on – spring 2018
space out – winter 2018


diy gifts – fall 2017
mini to the max – summer 2017
sew fun –  Spring 2017
super silly – winter 2017


kitchen chemistry – fall 2016
spa science – summer 2016
diy your room – spring 2016
mini pet design – winter 2016


spy science – fall 2015
summer cool – summer 2015
spring pop. – spring 2015
snow and glow – winter 2015

our 50 favorite supplies for d.i.y.!

See a project you’re inspired to try, but don’t know where to find the supplies? See our Fave 50 supplies, with links to purchase online.

Daylight Savings is one of our favorite holidays at CJ! Happy spring everyone! 💐💛⛅️ ...

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Happy International Women`s Day ✨ We celebrate the power of girls every day! 💙


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Maker Tip Monday ✨ ...

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We love these hand painted pillows! 🌈💤
Use fabric paint or tie-dye and design your very own for yourself or a friend.

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We couldn`t stop making this magic nail polish paper! 🫧 Black cards dipped into a shallow dish of water, dotted with clear polish.

The Science Behind It... 🧪
The rainbow magic happens via a process called thin film interference - the same process that creates rainbows in oily puddles on the street or in soap bubbles!

When light hits the film, some of it reflects off the outer boundary, while some of the light travels into the film and bounces off the bottom boundary. As a result, the light waves are all on different tracks and interfere with each other, causing us to see different colors!

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