a sampling of projects to try our DIY’s!

We created this page to share 20 projects you can make right now. They are organized into one-page How-Tos that I call our “Project Placemats.” Now we’re adding videos!

We focus on Super Simple Supplies –– using everyday objects in new ways! New faves? Salad Spinner Art and T-Shirt Yarn Wall Hangings. Check them out below!

5 great party projects for *any* time

plus tips for celebrating on zoom… download the full pack!

Salad Spinner Art, how-to

produced by Livvy (16) and Luke (17), and edited by Leo (13)

upcycled t-shirt wall-hanging, how-to

produced and edited by Eleanor (18)

plus! 20 projects + printables, organized by theme

T-Shirt Time

(upcycle alert!)

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1. DIY T-Shirt Yarn
2. T-Shirt Tassels
3. T-Shirt Scarves
4. Tee Wall Hanging
5. No-Sew T-Shirt Tote

secret spy codes

(with printables)

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1. Spy Glasses
2. Morse Code Beading
3. Cypher Disc Decoder
4. Scytale Decoder
5. Invisible Ink Messages

diy games

(with printables)

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1. Roll-a-Creature
2. City Game
3. Foosball / Maze 2-in-1
4. Popsicle Matching
5. Go Fishing

stamps & prints

(simple supplies!)

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1. 6-in-1 Stamp Cube
2. Mini Poster Prints
3. Cork Stamps
4. Stationery Sets
5. DIY Scratch-Off Cards

Tuesday, March 24

posters and prints! 5 projects to print, stamp and send.

Mini Poster Prints

6-in-1 Cube Stamps

 Stationery Sets

Simple Cork Stamps

Secret Scratch-Off Cards

Order ahead for Print Making

adhesive craft foam
printing inks
brayer, wood cube, foam core

what else? sturdy paper to print on, scissors, pencil, paint brush, scrap cardboard, a cork, blank notecards + envelopes (or fold your own!).

Friday, March 20

DIY Games! 5 projects to create and play (printables included).

Roll a Creature

Popsicle Matching Game

Go Fishing

DIY City Game

2-in-1 Foosball + Marble Maze Box

Order ahead for diy Games

craft sticks (ice cream size)
wooden dowels + clothespins
paper straws

what else? colorful paper, scissors, cardboard (from the recycling bin) markers, tape, glue, yarn, marble, magnet, dice and a good box.
don’t want to order? you can make all the projects with creative work-arounds (like chopsticks for dowels).

Tuesday, March 17

Spy Codes! 5 projects to encrypt your own secret messages.

Secret Decoder Glasses

Morse Code Beading

Cypher Disc Decoder

Scytale Decoder

Invisible Ink Messages

Order ahead for Spy Codes

Spy Glasses – red film + cardstock
Morse Codes – pony beads + lanyard

what else? paper, scissors, markers, tape, water colors & a white crayon.
don’t want to order supplies? you’ll still have plenty to do + make!

Friday, March 13

T-Shirt Time! 5 projects to do at home with tees + scissors

DIY T-Shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Tassels

T-Shirt Scarves

T-Shirt Weaving

T-Shirt Tote

share your projects with us!

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