top 10 things that make me confident!

1. Smiling!
2. Setting goals and accomplishing tasks
3. The support of family and friends
4. When my body feels healthy and strong
5. Making something with my hands
6. Failing at something and figuring out want to do *next* time
7. When i have good balance in my day
8. Standing tall, head held high
9. Being part of a collaboration or team
10. Experiencing fun, positive connections in my day

samantha razook

Samantha, from Atlanta, GA, is our Founder – she runs the business!

I started Curious Jane when my daughters were young. I didn’t mean to. I had just finished my masters in Industrial Design, my girls were young, the economy was tough, and I needed a camp – something for them to do to have fun – while I started a “real” job. It was my girls and their friends. And it caught on!

I love what I do. My favorite part? That CJ attracts such an amazing group of young women who want to bring their skills and talents to our girls. And also… the disco ball in our office. I love it that we’re that type of place 🙂

top 10 things that make me happy!

1. Seeing the moon during the day
2. When i pick up my phone to call a friend and she calls at that exact moment
3. The changing of the seasons
4. A favorite old song on the radio – volume way up!
5. A sweet parking spot
6. Solving a really tough crossword puzzle
7. Brand new pens
8. Blank paper
9. Ice cream in winter
10. Flipping on a trampoline

elissa josse

Elissa, from West Hartford CT, is our Creative Director –– she designs the magazine as well as all the creative visuals you associate with CJ!

I was introduced to CJ + Samantha by a mutual friend. She and I had worked together professionally, so she knew my passion and skill for all things creative — graphic design, illustration, branding and packaging. But in addition to working together, we were also friends and neighbors, so she knew that *personally* I was always making things (my happy place!).

She had seen the elaborate birthday cakes/cake pops/cupcakes I baked and decorated for my kids (once an entire farm), and the detailed Halloween costumes I designed and made (once a couple of subway cars, complete with working headlights). So when she heard that CJ was looking for some creative help, she introduced us immediately. Needless to say, it was the best set-up ever! And the rest, as they say, is history!

my top 10 favorite foods!

1. Pigs-in-a-blanket (cute name)
2. Tater-tots (also cute name)
3. Sour straws
4. Crinkly fries
5. Mussels (in all the delicious sauces!)
6. Strawberries
7. Shrimp
8. Scallion pancakes
9. Glass noodles
10. Broccoli
11. Pigs-in-a-blanket (because they are the best!)

paola ligonde

Paola, from Brooklyn, NY, is our Events Specialist and Curriculum Designer – she makes sure that everything we do, from camp classes to school-year workshops, is designed to CJ standards.

While in grad school for Interior Design, I was a last-minute hire as front desk receptionist at CJ’s Marymount location. AND I just kept coming back!

Since then, I’ve become a Jane-of-all-trades learning, teaching, adapting, and creating our favorite CJ projects for events, camp, magazine, CJ galore! I love Curious Jane’s collaborative, can-do environment.

I’m always ready to throw in a maker’s hand into the mix and make *it* happen!

top 10 places i’ve traveled

1. Havana, Cuba
2. Granada, Spain
3. Corfu, Greece
4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5. Masai Mara, Kenya
6. Tuscany, Italy
7. Paris, France
8. Porto, Portugal
9. Buenos Aires, Argentina
10. Biolley, Costa Rica

alia carponter-walker

Alia, from Park Slope, Brooklyn, is our Director of Camps and Programming – she oversees everything to do with camp, including building our staff teams.

I started working at Curious Jane as a CIT. I came across Curious Jane through a friend of a friend and what is better than spending a summer working with and empowering a group of girls all day? Over the years I have been every role at CJ that you could possibly imagine from CIT to Counselor, to Instructor to Director, and now, 10 years later, I am back full time to continue building Curious Jane programs and growing camps in New York and beyond.

I absolutely love the work that I do. What’s my favorite part? Watching our kids have their “ah ha” moments when they finally figure out something tricky. That, plus seeing all of our CJ campers transform into their wonderful, little, confident selves after a week of camp or a workshop with us makes all the hard work that we do more than worth it. I love that CJ keeps me making, growing, and aspiring to be the most confident version of myself!

top 10 activities

1. Unexpected Hi-Fives
2. Lisa Frank themed costumes
3. Burpees Before Brunch
4. Percolator Dance Battle
5. Air guitar to any and all 80’s hairband songs
6. DIY paper crafts – specifically Birthday and Holiday cards
7. Disney Karaoke – it’s amazing how much I remember!
8. Crazy long city walks – like 8-10 miles
9. Skiing, sledding, snow-shoeing – hence why I live in Colorado!
10.Bicep curl posing in photos

lauren howe

Lauren, in Denver, is our Director of Development in Colorado – she oversees everything to do with growing Curious Jane in Denver and surrounds.

I am beyond excited to spread the Jane to Denver, Colorado! My absolute favorite class themes are Design Studio and Game Time.

When I’m not being *craft-tastic*, I burpee all around the beautiful state of Colorado teaching fitness classes and running my brewery events company, Altitude Beer Ventures.

I thoroughly enjoy hi-fives, dressing up in costumes, dancing awkwardly and boomerangs on instagram!!