Mini World Project Kit


The Miniature World Project Kit is packed with all the materials you need to build a totally unique, totally amazing structure, furnish and accessorize it, and of course, create the creatures who will call it home!


This kit is designed for open-ended creativity. Each Mini World Kit includes a set of nested boxes for makers to assemble their own structure. (We’ve seen everything from an ice cream shop to a family home for aliens — their creativity constantly amazes us!) With some guided project steps, makers will think about setting, scale, and who they are designing for. The kit includes plenty of materials for designing surface finishings and extended spaces, as well as furniture and accessories. There are plenty of extras to incorporate all sorts of clever engineering – like a pulley-system elevator or cantilevered swimming pool for tree frogs (yes, we’ve seen this!). The supplies will come neatly packed in a colorful, project-packed supply kit via UPS. We can't wait to see what you create!