design in miniature! create your own composition, people, furniture and accessories.

This ever-popular theme translates perfectly to the make-at-home space. The idea behind the class is very open-ended and leaves lots of room for creativity and independent work. Each young maker starts with a set of nested boxes and assembles their own structure. (We’ve seen everything from an ice cream shop to a family home for aliens — their creativity constantly amazes us!) They think about setting, scale, and who they are designing it for. They plan out the surfaces and add extended spaces; they design the furniture and accessories; and they incorporate all sorts of clever engineering and decor. Plus, there are plenty of extra activities for making in miniature.

In addition to these fantastic miniature structures, projects include tiny teepees, Dr. Seuss-inspired mini scenes, a family of peg people, and, of course, a few creative creatures. We send everything you need in a colorful, project-packed kit before the start of your session. 

Miniature World is the place to get endlessly imaginative! And as always, it includes lots of plenty of project-inspired learning and hands-on making.