invent with your hands, flex your brains, and create your own collection of games!

for ca/mpers entering grades k-2

Game design is an incredible learning tool, and it’s also super fun! Ca/mpers create their own set of games – making a different type of game each day. In all their making and crafting, they learn concepts like linear and non-linear game play, the mechanics of simple motions, the role of the randomizer (it’s what makes your next turn suspenseful and exciting!) and how to design a how-to! Our superfun projects offer just enough structure for each game to be successful while allowing the focus to be letting the ca/mpers bring their own ideas to life.

We will send all the supplies you need in a colorful, project-packed supply kit before the start of your ca/mp week. During your enrolled week, twice daily live sessions (including project instruction, story-lines, scavenger hunts, tinker time, fun games, and more) will keep young makers engaged and excited. At the end of the week, ca/mpers will have the very CJ experience of a “Museum Tour” which is a show-and-tell opportunity to share their amazing finished projects + treasures with other ca/mpers!

Offered the weeks of July 13-17 and August 10-14.