design in miniature! create your own composition, people, furniture and accessories.

for ca/mpers entering k-2 grades

This ulta-popular theme for our younger group translates very well to our virtual ca/mp environment. The idea behind the class is very open-ended and leaves lots of room for creativity and independent work.  Each ca/mper will start with a set of nested boxes and assemble their own structure. (We’ve seen everything from an ice cream shop to a family home for aliens — their creativity constantly amazes us!) With their architect’s hat on, they think about setting, scale, and who they are designing it for. They plan out the surface finishings and add extended spaces; they design the furniture and accessories; and they incorporate all sorts of clever engineering – like a pulley-system elevator or cantilevered swimming pool for tree frogs (yes, we’ve seen this!). 

We will send all the supplies you need in a colorful, project-packed supply kit before the start of your ca/mp week. During your enrolled week, twice daily live sessions (including project instruction, story-lines, scavenger hunts, tinker time, fun games, and more) will keep young makers engaged and excited. At the end of the week, ca/mpers will have the very CJ experience of a “Museum Tour” which is a show-and-tell opportunity to share their amazing finished projects with other ca/mpers!

Offered the weeks of June 15-19, June 29 – July 3, and July 27-31.