learn the science behind everything *SPY* and use the clues to solve the case!

for ca/mpers entering 3-6 grades

Always a super-popular theme, and one that translates easily to the virtual ca/mp space! Super sleuths learn the science behind everything SPY in a clever mix of fun projects that use chemistry, physics and biology. Over the course of the week, they will make cool projects, conduct experiments and search for clues — then use their findings to create a case file, collect clues and solve a mystery. Solving the “whodunnit” is the best way to end the week! See if you can crack the case! 

We will send all the supplies you need in a colorful, project-packed supply kit before the start of your ca/mp week. During your enrolled week, twice daily live sessions (including project instruction, story-lines, scavenger hunts, tinker time, fun games, and more) will keep young makers engaged and excited. At the end of the week, ca/mpers will have the very CJ experience of a “Museum Tour” which is a show-and-tell opportunity to share their amazing finished projects + findings with other ca/mpers!

Offered the weeks of July 6-10 and August 3-7.