diy projects in cool areas of design, plus creating your *own* how-to to lead with the campers

for 7th-9th grade students!

Rising 7th-9th graders are welcome to join us for our CIT Studio program! This is a combination of project-making, project *designing* and hands-on help with campers in the classroom.

CITs spend the first part of the day working together as a group. The morning starts with a creative project – for the middle school age level – to get their maker-minds warmed up. Then they break up into pairs to research and design their own projects to lead with the campers. They also have discussions around leadership, working with children, and “how to design a how-to” for a specific age group.

During an afternoon period, CITs work hands-on with campers in their classrooms. At the end of the week, CITs lead their *own* project – the one they’ve been developing over the week – with their camper class. Some of this year’s new projects at Curious Jane were inspired by CIT creations from last summer!

For our campers, CITs are definitely one of their favorite parts of the CJ experience.