make fun stuff, learn new skills, lead young campers

new for 7th-9th grade students!

This summer, we are dedicating our Gowanus Workspace to *new* CIT Studio weeks. Up until 2020, our middle school students were able to participate in our CIT (Counselor in Training) program at camp locations, helping out with campers in the classroom.

For 2020, we moved everything online and our CITs participated in zoom sessions with project-making, skills-building, and the chance to participate virtually in campers sessions. We honed our curriculum, added a good dose of hands-on *making* and kept the leadership training and skills-building. We’re excited to bring this back, as an *in-person* experience for our CITs this summer!

Our CIT Studio weeks for rising 7th-9th graders, offer a three-part Curious Jane experience — project-making (lots!) sprinkled with leadership boosting, and, at the end of the week, guiding campers in crafts and activities via virtual sessions.

Calling CITs to come *make fun things* and *make things fun* at our CJ studio this summer!