a menagerie of mini pets and mythical creatures

for K-1st grades

We’re bringing even more imagination to our Creative Creatures class, and adding quite a lot of fantasy for extra fun! Campers learn about amazing animals from past and present, and they design their own mini pets and mythical animals.

And along the way, they learn about important aspects of habitat and environments, animal adaptations, and the links between all living things.

For young makers who love animals, and see a bit of the mystical and magical in the world around us or in far away lands –– this class lets them bring their imagination into creation with colorful, fun materials.

FUN FACT: In Medieval times, mythical creatures were on the rise for their metaphorical significance and use in allegorical tales. In stories where the true purpose was to deliver a wider message, these mythical creatures were created, by design, to represent something symbolic.