mixing and making… food science fun… and sweet and savory snacks!

for 4th-6th grades

This theme focuses on the science behind mixing and combining ingredients. Mini chemists mix, measure and experiment using common kitchen ingredients as science tools. They explore states of matter; super-saturation; the chemistry behind fizzy, repellent or delicious combinations; and the molecular change when things are heated and cooled. Equal parts chemistry, recipe experimentation, and fun! (Plus a little snacking – and yes, we can totally accommodate diet restrictions and allergies.)

FAVORITES include Rock Candy Crystallization, Liquid Spherification, Butter Emulsification, Mini Solar Ovens, and, definitely, DIY Ice Cream. (Do *you* know how that salt slush freezes the cream?!)

NEW for 2023! More recipes, more experiments. Oreo Truffles, Edible Ooblek, Fruit Juice Gummies, DIY Pasta, and Color-Changing Slime.