it’s gooey, it’s gloppy, it’s slimy, it’s science!

for K-1st grades

A fun theme for mini scientists who like trying a lot of experiments and who don’t mind a little mess! 

We use all sorts of ingredients to mix, measure, combine and react in different ways. We get ooey, gooey and slimy and we love anything that goes fizz, glop, bubble, or pop! Favorite projects includes silly slimes (did you know they are a Newtonian Fluid?), elephant toothpaste (an exothermic reaction), cloudy weather storms, geysers and volcanoes (in miniature of course!), and exploding baggies (*always* done outside). 

Our goal is for everyone to experiment in science creatively, without worrying about a right answer — but with a focus on fun so the learning is easy.

We finish with a science fair for campers to show off their favorite experiments.

FUN FACT: Slimes, play dohs, foams and all those ooey gooey things offer a specific tactile experience that combines meditative and soothing qualities with muscle and motor skill development. Moving the focus from mind to hand gives us calm *and* cognitive processing.