roller coasters, spinning rides, carnival and more!

for 2nd-3rd grades

It’s CJ’s Mini Amusement Park Design theme! Roller Coasters, Tilt-a-Whirls, Super Slides and Funky Features… imagine your own wild rides and build them in miniature. (And… what’s a roller coaster without a little physics? Did we hear Potential Energy? Kinetic Energy? Centripetal Force?)

Plus, bring some classic CJ carnival to the scene! Carnival week is always a favorite theme week at camp. Campers design games and booths with amazing creativity. Now, they can plan it in scale and bring their favorite carnival games to their own theme park. 

Campers design and construct at least 3 wild rides over the course of the week. They plan their park, add accessories, and make the scene completely their own.

FUN FACT: The earliest roller coaster cars were basically wheeled sleds… the concept was lifted straight from snowy mountain racing to raised wooden tracks for thrill seekers.