a crafty exploration of what you find under the sea and in outer space

for K-1st grades

We are bringing back a favorite CJ theme with projects that explore the magical worlds under the water and up into the stars. With each colorful hands-on project, campers learn important tidbits about our ecosystems and galaxy systems. 

From the ocean, we take inspiration from Coral Reefs, Bioluminescent Jellyfish, and the amazing Underwater Scenes that fill our seas. From space, our projects take inspiration from Comets and Asteroids; Planets, Stars and Galaxies; and – of course -the Rocket Ships that take us there. 

It’s full-on project-making and super creative fun.

FUN FACT: A black hole is created when big stars explode. Its gravitational force is so strong that nothing can escape from it – luckily the closest black hole is about 10,000 light-years from Earth.