mix, layer, shake, scent and make your own spa goodies!

for 2nd-3rd grades

Mix it, make it, try it out and take it home! Girls become spa scientists for the week as they learn about soothing, fizzy and smell-good ingredients and how to combine them.

They start the week by inventing their own spa brand and packaging – complete with spa caddy and eye mask – then they make all the products to go along with it. The week closes with a spa party (of course!) for the girls to sample and share what they’ve made.

FAVORITE PROJECTS include Fizzy Bath Bombs, Scented Sugar Scrubs, Soap Slime, Foodie Face Masks and Spritzes.

NEW for 2024! Chocolate Body Butter, Roll on Mini Scents, Affirmation Jars, and Shower Jellies.

FUN FACT: Bath bombs are an acid-base reaction. Two main ingredients are sodium bicarbonate (a weak base) and citric acid (a weak acid). When combined and plunged into water, they produce new molecules, especially carbon dioxide which fizzes and bubbles as it escapes – spreading fragrance and color.