learn the science behind everything *SPY* and use the clues to solve the case!

for 3rd-5th grades

Always a super-popular theme! Campers learn the science behind everything SPY in a clever mix of chemistry, physics and biology. Over the course of the week, they use their findings to create a case file, collect clues and solve a mystery. Solving the “whodunnit” is the best way to end the week!

FAVORITE projects include DIY Intruder Alarms, Coding and Decoding, Fingerprints and Footprints, and Extracting DNA (from a strawberry!).

NEW for 2023! We have a few cool projects in the mix – DIY Combination Lock Boxes, Secret Message Candles, and Hidden Reveal Maps. 

And as always, our CJ senior sleuths see if they can crack the case!