learn the science behind everything *SPY* and use the clues to solve the case!

for 4th-6th grades

Always a super-popular theme! Campers learn the science behind everything SPY in a clever mix of chemistry, physics and biology. Over the course of the week, they use their findings to create a case file, collect clues and solve a mystery. Solving the “whodunnit” is the best way to end the week! This year, we have a brand new mystery and set of clues, so repeat campers can crack a new case. And it’s 4th-6th grade only, so we expect some sophisticated sleuthing!

FAVORITE RPOJECTS include DIY Intruder Alarms, Coding and Decoding, Fingerprints and Footprints, and Extracting DNA (from a strawberry!), Combination Lock Box, Secret Maps, Components of Blood and a Magic 8 Ball.

NEW for 2024! An unsolved mystery and totally new clues!

FUN FACT: Gumshoe is an old word for police detective. Back in the 1800s, detectives earned their nickname for the rubber-gum soled shoes they wore so they could really SNEAK around!