board games, box sets, soft toys, and light-ups… a different playful theme each day!

for 4th-6th grades

In Toy Design, young makers think broadly about play + toys + design. Lessons in design are emphasized through specific projects like Toy-for-a-Friend (designing for an audience), Operation Game and Drawbot (circuitry), and Mini Sets and (accessories and packaging). Each day we focus on a different playful theme and material. The overarching goal is to elevate hands-on projects from “arts-and-crafts” to “toy design” so that campers have a more sophisticated exploration in a world of design that is specifically relevant to them… and super fun!

FAVORITE PROJECTS include Drawbot Scribble Bot, Light Up Operation Game, Hand Sewn Mini Pets, DIY Board Games, and Toy for a Friend. 

NEW FOR 2024! We have a few cool projects in the mix – Pizza Tic Tac Toe, Fun House Mirror Room, Magnetic Pacman, and a Box Top Marble Maze.

FUN FACT: The Randomizer is the critical element that makes game play non-linear, so no matter how you start, there’s a different outcome each time. For example, it can be dice, a spinner or color-coded cards.