we put stickers on our notebooks, laptops, phone cases, finger nails, faces (!), car bumpers, care packages, and all around our rooms. we collect stickers; we trade stickers, and we use stickers to say something about ourselves.

10 minutes

maker checklist

  • packing tape
  • parchment paper
  • scissors
  • colorful illustrations



cut a piece of parchment paper to be the “peel-off” part of your sticker. cut a small square for a single sticker; cut a sheet for a bunch of stickers.


place strips of packing tape, sticky-side down, onto the parchment paper. make sure the strips overlap slightly so there are no gaps. cover the sheet.


lay out your colorful doodles on the packing-tape-covered parchment paper. leave plenty of space around each.


place another layer of packing tape, also sticky-side-down, on each doodle to fully cover it. press firmly and smooth out any air bubbles.


cut out each doodle well around the edges. you can use a sharpie to draw a guide line. now you have your sticker!


peel off the parchment paper backing to stick it down!