DIY Dragon Eye

Quick Crafts


these dragon eyes are fun to magic and gorgeous to look at! make your own dragon eye and have fun customizing the scale color and eye type!

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • clay – model magic or foam clay
  • markers
  • glass pebble
  • white cardstock
  • medium size hole puncher
  • diamond glaze/school glue



hole punch or cut a circle out of white cardstock that is the same size as the glass pebble.


fill in the circle with colors. try blending different colors from the outside to the center of the eye.


draw a thin black pupil coming down the center of circle.


glue the glass pebble onto the paper circle to complete the dragon eyeball!


make a flat leaf shape out of clay. place the glass eye make two smaller rolls of clay and attach them around the glass eye to make the eye lids.


decorate the eyelids with scales, spikes, spirals, etc! make scales by layering little pebbles of clay. Try different textures by poking holes into the clay.