Fizzy Potions

Cool Science, Quick Crafts


mix up some potions and bewitch it! get creative with your potion’s functions and uses and get witchy!

10 minutes

maker checklist

  • baking soda 
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • pipettes
  • shallow pan or plastic plate
  • small cups



little magicians love playing with potions. stretch your creativity too!

what does the magic potion do?
who is it for?
what is the story behind your potion?
which colors make which kinds of magic?


pour vinegar into small cups and tint with food coloring – make a set of 4 colors for each group, and set a pipette in each cup.

give each color a fun name like “ogre’s blood” or “wormwood powder”


add a layer of baking soda to a large plastic plate (or a shallow foil pan) 


make the magic potion stew! use the pipettes to add different ingredients to the tray of baking soda. watch what happens!