Fun Features for Mini Playgrounds

Colorful Design, Quick Crafts


making a mini pet park or playground? let’s get creative with fun features and unexpected designs. use as much color as you please to really brighten these play structures and rides!

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • white craft tubes
  • paper bowls (variety of sizes)
  • thick and thin ribbon, cords
  • colorful papers
  • double stick tape
  • glue + scissors
  • hole punch
  • paper straws
  • acetate gels



to make a mushroom top lookout forts simplytop a craft tube with a sturdy paper bowl. use different shapes and size. wrap with color.


to make a spider-like looking glass, punch a paper tube and insert cut pieces of paper straws. make small slits at the top of the straws to hold color gel circles.