Magic 8 Ball

Cool Science, Quick Crafts


make your own magic 8 ball; shake it up, and ask it all your crazy questions. future predictor?? sometimes 🙂 cool, quick craft… always!

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • jar with tight fitting lid
  • magic 8 ball template
  • one game die
  • sticky back craft foam
  • card stock
  • colorful sharpies
  • scissors



prepare the cube: cut 12 squares (the size of the side of a die – trace first!) from colorful sticky back craft foam. you’ll want 2 squares of each color. stick six different color square to each side of the die.


make an answer key that shows the answers associated with each color square of the die. use the remaining 6 craft foam squares!

or you can write a clue or answer in sharpie directly onto each side of the die.


cut a donut shape out of sticky back foam the same size as the bottom of your jar. this will be the prediction window so make the hole big enough to show the dice. attach it  to the bottom of the jar. wrap the sides of the jar in sticky back craft foam to decorate however you like.


fill the jar with water, all the way to the top, and add the magic cube. tighten the lid… tightly! turn the jar over so that the “bottom” becomes the “top.”  the cube will float up.

ask the quesions only your crystal ball can answer and watch the answers appear!