Mini Pet Playground

Colorful Design, Quick Crafts


where do mini-pets play? in their super cool mini-pet playground of course!

in this project we’ll get creative using crafty bits (and even recyclables) to build playground equipment for our mini pets to jump, dance, prance and have fun.

for a twist, gather a collection of odds and ends in a small paper bag. swap with a friend and see what you each come up with! 

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • brown paper grab bag, with…
  • odds and ends
  • upcylced items
  • crafty bits
  • cardboard for the base



fill a grab bag with a variety of little objecs. and add a few handfuls of crafty bits!


design a pet park with the items you’ve found. think about who you are designing it for. and think about scale in relation to them.