we created this for our ‘zine scene workshop … a mini magazine folded from a single sheet of paper. but we love it flat too, as a poster! we picked a pizza theme but you can choose any theme you like.

30 minutes - 1 hour

maker checklist

  • paper 
  • ruler
  • x-acto
  • bone folder



fold your paper into 8 equal sections. do this by folding your paper in half, then in half again, and then one more time. 

if your paper is thick like cardstock, use a bone folder (or paper clip) to score before folding and then use its edge to press a nice crisp crease on your folds.


to score the paper means to create a crease where you plan to fold it. this helps it fold evenly and also prevents cracks.


open your paper; lay it horizontally, so you have 4 boxes on top and 4 on the bottom.


mark a line across the middle 2 boxes.


cut carefully along your marked line, making sure your paper stays attached on the outer 2 boxes.


fold your paper in half the long way, so that the cut is open on the top.


push your edges together so the cut edge opens up to form a diamond shape


keep pushing the edges towards each other until the opening disappears and a little booklet starts forming.


coax one “page” of your newly formed 4 page booklet to the front to become the cover.


press the edge of your folded booklet to create the spine.

voila! now that you’ve constructed it, get to designing it!