Rides that Spin

Quick Crafts


let’s spin this cardboard coaster into an amusement park ride!  upcycle materials to create spinning magic for our mini pets and people.

30 minutes

maker checklist (project 1)

  • stiff felt
  • carboard coaster (4″)
  • miniature colorful spools
  • basic wood spool
  • rock candy stick
  • scissors + glue

maker checklist (project 2)

  • paper cup
  • dowel (3/16″ diam)
  • 6 plastic bottle caps
  • 6 jumbo popsicle sticks
  • 2 wooden spool
  • adhesive craft foam
  • scissors + glue


cover a coaster in felt, and pierce it through the center.


use a wooden spool as the base (glued in place) and a rock-candy stick as the axle.


mini spools make perfect stools but you can use any tiny objects here!


use 6 jumbo craft sticks to build the radial spokes for your spinning seats. glue these in the center, with a wooden spool underneath, and add bottle caps seats at the ends.


to build the base, glue a wooden spool to the center of a cardboard coaster *or* a circle of adhesive craft foam (sticky-side up); this will hold the axle in place at the bottom.

invert a paper cup on top; glue in place. pierce the bottom (top) to create a small hole.


insert a dowel through the hole in the cup, making sure it falls into place in the hole in the spool.

add the spokes of seats on top and you have a cool thing that spins!