Rides that Teeter

Quick Crafts


ready to teeter?! these little seasaws are a perfect addition to any mini playground or amusement park design. 

one of our favorite themes at CJ is Roller Coasters & Rides. you can really get carried away crafting all the elements!

10 minutes

maker checklist

  • cardboard coaster (3.5″ and 4″)
  • wooden beads (1/2″-1″)
  • wooden spools
  • rock-candy sticks
  • pony beaads + craft wire
  • jumbo popsicle sticks
  • scissors + school glue
  • bottle caps or cabochons



make a simple seesaw with craft wire, a craft stick, a bead or spool, and two bottle caps. a slice of foam pool noodle (one of our favorite, most versitle craft supplies!) holds everything in place.


make a design-style seesaw with a cardboard coaster stacked on a plastic-lid for the base. then add a wooden bead on the top and use it to secure a craft-wire spring. top this with a jumbo craft stick and added simple seats at each end. seesaw, ta-da!