we love this project for the combination of craft and color with a twist. here, the dice plays the role of the *randomizer* – each time you play, you end up with a different design!

taking inspiration from artist Laurel Burch, we use color, pattern, repetition and dice to roll a super unique pet!

10 minutes

maker checklist

  • game board
  • cat template
  • dice
  • markers
  • scissors



design a game board in 2 columns, with rows 1 through 6 (corresponding to the numbers on the dice).

down one column, write a color (one for each number). in the other column, write a fun, simple pattern (like triangles or dots).


divide your cat or pet shape into 6 or more sections, using a light pencil line or black ink pen.


play the game! start by picking a section and rolling the dice. color that section with the color and pattern that your dice numbers correspond to on your game board. 


continue the game until the cat is all filled out!


mount your favorite designs on colorful cardstock for a family of fabulous-ness!