Scented Foam Paint

Cool Science, Quick Crafts


this project is super quick, super simple, smells delicious, and looks even better!

20 minutes

maker checklist

  • set of tempera paints
  • variety of Kool-Aid powders *different flavors and colors*
  • plastic spoons
  • clear plastic bowls
  • watercolor or poster paper



pour various colors of tempera paint into clear plastic bowls – one for each camper. label each one with a different, magical substance. give them time to invent the potion they want to create (such as: “Dragon’s Bonus Blood” and “Squirrel Nut Power-Powder”) and label their magical goo (tempera paint).


pour Kool-Aid packets into separate containers, labeling them as well with names magical ingredients. place a spoon in each.


create the magical paint by adding the (re-named!) Kool-Aid powder in spoonfuls to the magical goo.


stir gently and watch with amazement!

the reaction last for a couple minutes and each one will smell different.


paint with the magical paint on poster board or watercolor paper. when it dries, this can be the background to a magical scene!