Slide Out Surprise Boxes

Colorful Design, Quick Crafts


at any age, we love to save a box and turn it into something special

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • jumbo match box *or* other sliding box
  • colorful papers
  • neon tapes, washi tapes
  • rule + pencil
  • scissors
  • rubber cement 
  • crafty bits!



draft your design. what will be on the outside of the box. what will be inside? will there be a surprise element?


cover your box with colorful paper.
measure and cut carefully to fit the sides. use rubber cement for a wrinkle-free glue, or use colorful washi tapes for an easy pop of color


to add a pop-up element:
cut a thin strip of paper no wider than the pop-up element. fold the strip into three sections. glue one end section to the floor of your box, and glue your pop-up piece to the top end. like a teeny tiny jack-in-the-box!


add details – 3-D elements, crafty bits, words or thoughts, tiny surprises.