DIY Toothbrush Handle Bracelets

Quick Crafts


this is a throwback to the camp days of the 80’s! it’s quick, simple and colorful. the real key is finding a set of toothbrushes without rubberized handles. these plastic ones with glitter specks worked best.

15 minutes

maker checklist

  • plastic toothbrush
  • pliers (helpful!)
  • a large pot for the stove
  • tongs
  • paper towels
  • a glass a little larger than your wrist



boil a large pot of water and drop in a toothbrush or two.


remove from the water after a few minutes, and pull out the toothbrush bristles with a pair of pliers.


boil the toothbrushes for another couple minutes to soften again.


remove and form into a bangle shape with your hands. hold it in shape while it cools (for just a minute!)


to get your toothbrush handles to hold their shape: use your hands to bend them into a bangle, then set it tightly inside a glass, so it holds the form while it cools.