DIY Image Transfer

Colorful Design, Cool Science


this is the first time we’ve tried this technique and we love it! how cool that you can create your own designs to wear from a favorite image in print! definitely experiment. you’ll love the results.

1 hour + overnight dry time

maker checklist

  • fun image to transfer – magazine, journal, laser-print, photocopy, newspaper, etc
  • fabric item to transfer image onto
  • transfer medium (we used Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium)
  • scissors
  • cardboard or table cover
  • dish sponge or towel
  • fabric sealant (we also used Mod Podge fabric sealant)
  • foam brushes
  • needle + thread (optional)
  • sparkly embellishments like little gems or sequins!



cut out your cool image or images and set on a plastic table cover or bit cardboard. be ready to get messy!


cover the face of the image (the side that you want to transfer to your fabric) with a thick and even layer of transfer medium using a foam brush.


lay your fabric flat, and smooth out any wrinkles to avoid creases, rips, or uneven transfers.


place the image transfer-side down on the fabric. press down firmly.

leave to dry completely overnight.


soak the dried image in water for a few minutes.

rub the wet surface of the image with a sponge or paper towel to remove the top layer of paper. go slowly and gently.

the paper will begin to peel off revealing the transferred image underneath! as you get closer to the final image, switch to using just your fingers to be more gentle.


embellish! add little jewels, gems, stitching or fabric markers. but plan carefully! you’ve gone to so much work to achieve your image already.