Frida Kahlo Self Portraits

Colorful Design


frida kahlo was a famous mexican artist known for her beautiful, imaginative, and fantastical paintings, specifically self portraits! frida was severely injured in a bus accident at the age of 18 and had to spend much of her time laying down in bed. her family helped to make a set up with an easel and mirror for her to paint. pain, resilience, and identity are key themes in her works. make your own frida kahlo inspired self portait to honor her work and inspire yours!

1 hour

maker checklist

  • canvas board 
  • mirror board
  • crafty bits
  • fabric scraps 
  • color cardstock
  • adhesive craft foam
  • adhesive glitter craft foam
  • tissue paper 



cut an oval out of the mirror board, that’s about 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches long. You should see your whole face with just a little extra space around! this oval will be in place of your face in the portrait.


start with the background of your self portrait on the canvas board. pick a color your love and cover the whole space with it. you can paint, collage, add fabric, etc!


attach the mirror oval to the center of the canvas.


think about how you want to represent yourself. you can depict your favorite hair style and outfit, or even fantastical themes. use foam, fabric and paper to create the neck, shoulders, hair, and accessories.


add symbols that show who you are and what’s important to you, like a beloved pet on your shoulder or an object from a favorite memory!