did someone say Spring Cleaning?! clear out your closet, upcycle your old tees, and DIY a throw rug!

4 hours

maker checklist

  • basic plastic hula hoop
  • t-shirts to upcycle
  • good scissors
  • a bit of masking tape



lay your old t-shirt flat and cut straight across the torso to create strips 1in wide (the edges don’t need to be perfect). stop at the sleeves; save any useful scraps, and toss the hem.


repeat this, making your way through your stack of tees, until you have *lots* of strips. you will need 16-20 tees for a full rug.


choose nine pieces for your loom, and pull them gently into loops.

note! you will use the rest of the loops to snip and stretch into lengths and lengths of t-shirt yarn for your weaving. but 9 loops should stay intact for your loom.


stretch the loops evenly around your hoop like spokes on a bicycle wheel.


slide two together to make a single spoke – you need an odd number of spokes for your weaving to work! you will have 17 spokes.

space them out evenly and secure to the hoop with tape, so they stay in place as you work


start at the center and tie the first piece of t-shirt yarn around the hub of spokes. from there…

weave over-under, over-under, around the loom.


tie the pieces end-to-end to create a ball of yarn. or tie them in as you go, choosing colors as you work.


make sure to pull the yarn snug but *not* too tight. just push it towards the center after every round or two, to create nice, dense weave.


tie it off by carefully snipping each spoke, weaving the extra bit of fabric through the rug itself, and pulling it through to tie in a double-knot.